In Which Round Should I Apply?

Common questions that I often get from prospective students include “Do I have to apply in Round 1 to get an offer of admission?” “When should I submit my application to have the best chances?”

I recommend that you apply as early as possible, provided that you are submitting the best application possible. In other words, if you need more time to revise your essays or retake the GMAT, you should definitely take that time and apply in a later round.

We do not reserve a set number of places in the class for each application round. Although the number of offers we make in each round varies from year to year, chances of admission are about the same in Round 1 and Round 2. You can even feel comfortable applying in Round 3, as many applicants will receive offers in this round. By the time we reach Round 4, however, there are usually only a few places remaining in the class, and chances of admission may be significantly diminished.

Also note that your chances of receiving a scholarship are much better if you apply in an earlier round. Most of our Haas Merit Scholarships and Haas Achievement Awards are given to applicants who apply in Rounds 1 and 2, although we may have some scholarship money left to award to Round 3 applicants. It is rare that a Round 4 applicant will receive scholarship money, as we have usually awarded our entire scholarship budget before we begin reading Round 4 applications.

Whether you apply in Round 1 or Round 4, providing a complete and honest picture of your academic preparation, professional and personal goals, experience, and achievements will give you the best chances of success in the application process.

—Peter Johnson

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