We’re frequently asked about how the interview process works for the Berkeley Full-time MBA Program. Since there is significant diversity in how MBA programs interview, let me explain the Berkeley Full-time MBA Process.

Interviews are by invitation only, and invitations are issued by e-mail after an application has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee. We do not offer admission without an in-person interview except in the very rare case of individuals who are located in very remote locations. Although there is no fixed percentage of the pool that we interview, we typically invite 25-30% of our applicants to interview. An interview invitation could be sent as early as four weeks after the application deadline or as late as a few days before the response date. Timing of the invitation is not significant. An invitation is always a good sign, and means that we are seriously considering the application. Because at least two members of the admissions staff read each application submitted before we invite a candidate to interview, it takes a bit longer for the invitations to go out.

In Rounds 1 and 2, we have “Super Saturday” interviews on campus for invited applicants who are living in the US, with a preference for those outside California, for whom traveling to campus for an interview may be more difficult. During the Super Saturday event, we have the interview and other activities designed to help candidates to learn more about the program, including a student life panel, and alumni panel, and other informational events. U.S. candidates who are unable to attend Super Saturday have the option of an alumni interview.

We’re often asked about who conducts the interviews. We have a network of trained alumni interviewers covering 90 cities around the world, and we select and train a small group of current students each year to conduct our on-campus interviews. It is unusual that a member of the Admissions Committee would be the interviewer, which only occurs when a student or alumni interviewer is not available.

We will begin sending interview invitations on December 3rd, and will continue to issue invitations until shortly before the response date. Additionally, any applicant who is offered a place on the wait list is automatically invited to interview. For more details about how to prepare for an interview, please visit and click on “Admissions Podcasts”, and you can listen to Stephanie Fujii, senior associate director of MBA Admissions, who discusses our process.

—Peter Johnson

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