Round 1 Interviews

Now that we’re well into Round 1, it’s a good time to explain how the interview process works. We get many questions about the interview process, and it causes a lot of stress for many applicants. Fortunately, it’s really a straightforward process, designed to give applicants the opportunity to share more about themselves, their experience, and their career goals.

Interviews for the Berkeley Full-time MBA Program are by invitation only, and invitations are sent after the Admissions Committee has completed its initial review of the application. The Committee takes great pride in reading and evaluating applications for admission, and every single application, regardless of GPA, GMAT, or number of years of work experience, is read by a minimum of two readers. In many instances, an application is read by three readers, and sometimes four. Invitations are sent on a rolling basis, and will continue to go out until shortly before the response date. The timing of the application interview is in no way a reflection of the strength or weakness of a particular application.

Round 1 applicants who are currently living outside the US will be invited to interview with an alumni interviewer; applicants within the US who live outside California will be invited to a Saturday interview day in late January; and applicants residing in California will have the opportunity to interview on campus with a student interviewer.

Each interview has the same weight, whether it takes place in Sao Paulo, London, or Berkeley, and each interviewer goes through the same training program. Once the interview has been completed, the interviewer provides a written assessment to the Admissions Committee which becomes part of the application file. Finally, the entire file is discussed by the Admissions Committee before a decision is released.

Round 1 interview invitations will begin going out the week of December 8th and will continue until the Round 1 notification date or January 28, 2009. For tips on how to prepare for an interview, listen to our interview podcast.

—Peter Johnson

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