Where in the world?

Hi there – I’m Corinne Kang, Associate Director of Admissions. In addition to being tasked with the difficult decision of evaluating our applicants in the admissions process, I also manage our Student and Alumni Interviewer teams. As you know, the interview is a critical component of our application process and we wouldn’t be able to do our job as an Admissions Committee without the help of this amazing group of interviewers. This year, we have a team of almost 400 alumni interviewers in 46 countries around the world, including Brazil, Denmark, Kenya, Pakistan, and Vietnam, just to name a few! Chances are, should you be invited to interview, we have an alumni interviewer eager to meet you in your home country. Of course, if you’d like to visit Haas and interview on campus, we have a fantastic team of student interviewers here as well! Our team of second-year interviewers is ready to go and we’re conducting interviews to select our first-year interviewer team next week (yes, even our interviewers are interviewed!). All interviews hold equal weight in our admissions process, whether they’re conducted on campus or off campus and whether they’re conducted by an alum or a student. The Admissions Committee really values the additional perspective our alums and students add, and we hope you’ll use your interview as an opportunity to bring your paper application to life and learn more about the Berkeley MBA experience. For interview tips, check out this podcast.


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