The 2011 Women’s Workshop – “An MBA is my path to…”

This past weekend Haas welcomed over 110 pre-MBA women to campus for our annual Women’s Workshop.  The all-day event included a discussion on gender and multi-sector leadership led by Professor Nora Silver, insights from Dean Lyons about the Haas culture, presentations by the Admissions Committee and Career Management Group, and networking opportunities with students and alumnae.  One of our first year students summarized the event nicely on the Haas Student Blog.

This year, the workshop’s theme was “My Journey Toward an MBA”. Participants were asked to complete the following sentence in ten words or less: “An MBA is my path to_______.”  The responses showcased a diversity of interests and remind us that there is no typical path to an MBA.  Haas students are diverse!  They pursue careers across dozens of industries from consulting to consumer packaged goods and clean tech to social entrepreneurship.   How does an MBA fit into your personal and professional journey?”

Sample responses to “An MBA is my path to…”

  • “successfully pursuing my passion, building a network of likeminded individuals.”
  • “leveraging my vast military leadership experience into the civilian world.”
  • “knowledge, experience and opening doors to a better future.”
  • “launch an orthopedic tissue-repair biotech startup.”
  • “create original ideas that inspire ethical, responsible and successful results.”
  • “take control of my destiny.”
  • “a future career running a non-profit dedicated to youth advocacy.”
  • “being more than just an engineer.”
  • “becoming a CFO.”
  • “becoming a CMO.”
  • “bring integrity back to the finance industry.”
  • “gain interdisciplinary knowledge to build stronger teams and valuable organizations.”
  • “Diversity. Impact. Change.”
  • “greater community impact and financial security.”
  • “a better life for me and my family.”
  • “accomplish my goals as a professional woman.”
  • “pursuing my passion for sustainability in the mainstream food industry.”

Haas will be hosting our final Diversity Workshop on Saturday, November 5th.  Wherever you are in the application process, I encourage you to join us and reflect on how an MBA fits into your professional and personal journey.

– Morgan

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