Demystifying the Wait

To all candidates who have already submitted an application, we know you have questions about what happens next.  Below I have tried to shed some light on the most frequently asked questions of our Round 1 and 2 candidates.  I hope this helps demystify the wait.

  • Are Round 1 interview invites still going out?  

In short, yes.  Although the majority of our invitations will be communicated by the end of the year, we will continue to invite Round 1 candidates to interview up until the January 12, 2012 decision date. Interview invitations are extended in the order in which applications are processed and reviewed.  The timing of your invite does not correlate to the relative strength of your application.

  • Is it possible to get admitted without an interview?

All admitted students must conduct an interview.  Candidates who are placed directly on the waitlist without an interview are encouraged to schedule an interview at their earliest convenience to further support their candidacy. 

  • I have received interview invitations and/or decisions from other business schools.  Should I provide an update to Haas?

The   Admissions Committee is unable to expedite an admissions decision or grant an extension based on the status of your candidacy at another program.  

  • When will Round 1 candidates receive a final decision?

Our Round 1 notification deadline is January 12, 2012.  All candidates will receive notification on or before that date.

  • When will Round 2 interview invitations start?

We are in the early stages of reviewing Round 2 applications.  Interview invitations will start going out the first week of January, and will continue through the Round 2 decision deadline of March 1, 2012.

  • Why does it take 4-5 weeks for invitations to go out?

The Admissions Committee reviews every single application that is submitted.  We do not employ any minimum criteria to be considered for admission.  We appreciate the effort that candidates put into creating their applications and want to ensure a thorough review for every individual.

Thank you for your interest and continued patience.  Happy holidays!

– Morgan

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