Haas Trivia Contest – Day 5 Answer

Congratulations to Vicky C. who submitted the first correct response. The two students who are planning the drive from Deadhorse, Alaska, to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina are Jonathan Lim and Brandon Doll, both of whom happen to be veterans as well. They anticipate their vehicle, named the Solar Nomad, will make this journey in the summer of 2015.

To learn more about their project and how the Solar Nomad was conceived, please visit the Haas Newsroom.

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 4 Answer

Congratulations to Sandeep A. who submitted the first correct response. Lean Launchpad was first conceived by Professor Steve Blank who started 8 companies to date which include: E.piphany, Zilog, MIPS Computers, Convergent Technologies, Ardent, SuperMac, ESL, and Rocket Science Games.

To learn more about Professor Blank and other Haas faculty, visit our Faculty directory http://facultybio.haas.berkeley.edu/faculty-list/blank-steve

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 4

Lean Launchpad is an innovative course in entrepreneurship that requires students “get out of the building” and talk to at least 12 customers every week to propose and test hypotheses.  Which Haas faculty member conceived of Lean Launchpad AND what is one start-up that he founded?

Please read our contest rules and submission requirements in our previous post about the Haas Trivia Contest.

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 3 Answer

Congratulations to Shadie N. who submitted the first correct response

The correct answer was that our students from the Haas Sports Business Club traveled north to Portland, Oregon and Eugene Oregon, visiting with Adidas, Columbia, Nike, and Wieden+Kennedy. You can learn more about what these students did and about the other amazing things our students are doing on our Haas Achieves Blog http://haasachieves.wordpress.com/

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 2 Answer

Congratulations to Katharine N. who was the first to submit a correct response and in her spare time found a way to write a digest of their project as well!

There were several correct answers to our Day 2 trivia question, for a complete list of answers, please visit the Cleantech To Market (C2M) project homepage (http://ei.haas.berkeley.edu/c2m/2013Projects.html). And remmeber, they’ve got their Symposium this weekened, which is open to the public, and an excellent way to learn more about Cleantech at Haas.

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 2

HAAS TRIVIA CONTEST – DAY 2: Cleantech to Market is an innovative experiential learning course that partners business school students with scientists and engineers.  Give an example of one of the 2013 projects that will be presented at the 4th Annual Symposium on Friday, December 6th.  Note: This event is open to the public if you’d like to attend!

Haas Trivia Contest – Day 1 Answer

Congratulations to Ben R. who submitted the first correct response to our Day 1 Trivial Contest!

The correct experiential learning course is called Haas@Work, and for a list of companies that have been involved, you can visit the Haas@Work website: http://haasatwork.berkeley.edu/recent.html

4 more days and 4 more chances to win!

Haas Trivia Contest Day 1

Part I: Through which experiential learning course did Wells Fargo engage students to develop recommendations for cost-effective and scalable solutions to double retirement accounts?   (Hint: An MBA graduate was hired by Wells Fargo as a result of this course!)

Part II: Name another recent client of this experiential learning course.

Correct answers to both parts must be submitted to us at mbaadm@haas.berkeley.edu. Comments or any other form of messaging will NOT constitute a submission. For complete contest rules please see our previous post about the Haas Trivia Contest.